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B.C. Citizens for Public Power:
This is a grassroots group?

B.C. Citizens for Public Power calls itself a “grassroots group.” But astroturf would be more accurate. Its seven-person board of directors consists of two COPE 378 officials, two officials of allied unions, a politician, the Wilderness Committee’s most prominent anti-green energy spokesperson and the author of a discredited book.

BCCPP maintains an office that’s open 40 hours a week, suggesting it has a large budget for rent and full-time employees. Its staff and associates include people with experience in “cause-related marketing,” fundraising, graphic design and web design, as well as a communications company associated with big labour.

On October 4 and 5 BCCPP hosted a two-day training session in Vancouver for anti-green energy activists from across the province. The event featured speeches, presentations and workshops from over a dozen union officials, activists, lawyers and at least one journalist — all this for an enrolment fee of only $35 to $50. BCCPP even subsidized travel and accommodation expenses for people from outside Vancouver.

Where does BCCPP get all that money? The event’s sponsors are COPE 378, IBEW local 258 (a smaller BC Hydro union) and the Wilderness Committee, another COPE 378 political ally.

And BCCPP calls itself a grassroots group.

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