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Media release
B.C. Citizens for Green Energy
March 12, 2010

BC Hydro’s 19 clean energy
contracts are
‘a drop in the bucket’

“The province needs to go a lot further and a lot faster
than they have in unlocking B.C.’s renewable
green energy potential…”

— Bruce Sanderson, co-spokesperson
B.C. Citizens for Green Energy

Vancouver, B.C. — After many lengthy delays, BC Hydro has finally taken a long overdue step and selected 19 clean energy projects for Electricity Purchase Agreements under its Clean Power Call.  But 28 projects still remain under consideration.

The 19 clean energy projects selected by BC Hydro will supply 2,450 gigawatt-hours of firm energy per year from renewable wind and run-of-river energy sources—a drop in the bucket compared to B.C.’s vast potential for generating renewable green energy says B.C. Citizens for Green Energy (BCCGE) co-spokesperson Bruce Sanderson.

Sanderson says the lack of an effective export policy and the lengthy delays in BC Hydro’s awarding of electricity purchase agreements have caused enormous frustration for independent green energy producers and threatened to drive clean energy investment and clean energy jobs away from B.C. altogether.

“The province needs to go a lot further and a lot faster than they have in unlocking B.C.’s renewable green energy potential,” Sanderson said.  “Unlocking B.C.’s renewable energy potential would generate substantial revenues for the people of this province and could help us pay down and even eliminate our provincial debt.”

Sanderson says the recent Throne Speech, in which it was stated that B.C.’s enormous untapped green energy potential in bioenergy, run-of-river, wind, geothermal, tidal, wave and solar energy will finally be put to work for the B.C. economy to generate new wealth and new jobs in our communities, was a welcome and encouraging sign.  

But Sanderson says he wants to see these words put into action so the people of B.C. can enjoy the financial, economic and environmental benefits our renewable energy resources can generate.

Earlier this week, BCCGE released a research report exploring B.C.’s potential for generating renewable green energy and the substantial revenue that could be generated for the people of B.C. through an effective export policy—potentially in the range of $4.3 Billion per year.

BCCGE’s research report, entitled “A Triple Legacy for Future Generations: British Columbia’s Potential as a Renewable Green Energy Powerhouse,” is available on the B.C. Citizens for Green Energy website at www.greenenergybc.ca or by clicking here.

According to last Tuesday’s provincial budget, the provincial debt is forecast to rise to nearly $48 billion in 2010/11 with the taxpayer-supported portion of the provinces’ debt estimated to increase to nearly $34 billion.  By 2012/13, the province’s total debt is expected to rise to nearly $56 billion.



For more information contact Bruce Sanderson
Co-spokesperson, B.C. Citizens for Green Energy
e-mail us at info@greenenergybc.ca

B.C. Citizens for Green Energy is an advocacy group representing a cross-section of British Columbians who encourage a legacy of clean, renewable electricity for future generations.