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media releases

Media release
B.C. Citizens for Green Energy
May 22, 2008

Run-of-river hydro project short-listed
for Canadian Environment Award

B.C. Citizens for Green Energy congratulates
Hupacasath First Nation for well-deserved honour

VANCOUVER, MAY 22, 2008 — B.C. Citizens for Green Energy today congratulated Chief Judith Sayers and the Hupacasath First Nation for making the shortlist for a Canadian Environment Award. Chief Sayers is one of just three finalists in the Climate Change category.

“This is a very well-deserved honour,” said BCCGE spokesperson Bruce Sanderson. “The Hupacasath run-of-river operation offers a great example of how we can provide for our growing population while meeting the challenges of global warming.”

The run-of-river project opened in December 2005 at China Creek, five kilometres south of Port Alberni. It provides BC Hydro with enough electricity for about 2,400 homes a year.

“Thanks to projects like this we’re reducing our dependency on imported electricity from dirty sources like coal- and natural gas-fired plants,” added Sanderson. “That means we’re cutting down on greenhouse gases. The China Creek project alone is equivalent to taking more than 2,000 cars off the road.”

Projects like this can help B.C. set an international example for sustainable living, Sanderson said. “We have so much potential in B.C. Run of river, wind, geothermal, ocean and other renewables can give future generations a secure supply of electricity while protecting the planet.”

The Hupacasath First Nation plans to expand on its success by opening a second run-of-river operation on Corrigan Creek in 2009. That project will be about the same size as the China Creek operation. Together they will supply nearly 5,000 homes with clean, sustainable electricity.

The Canadian Environment Awards were created by the federal government and Canadian Geographic magazine. In addition to the Climate Change category, the awards recognize contributions to Conservation, Environmental Health, Environmental Learning, Restoration and Rehabilitation, and Sustainable Living. The finalists will be honoured at a gala event in Toronto on June 2.

“It’s refreshing to see that people who are really doing something for the environment are getting some recognition,” said Sanderson. “All too often the issue of green energy has been bogged down in the ideology and narrow self-interest of opponents.”

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