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The Wilderness Committee’s
political agenda

After COPE 378, the Wilderness Committee has been the most prominent group opposing independently produced green energy in B.C. Supposedly an environmental organization, the WC pursues a political agenda.

The WC didn’t oppose independently produced green energy when the NDP was in power. Roughly half the run-of-river projects now supplying electricity in B.C. were approved during the NDP era.

The WC says it will support run of river if BC Hydro develops it. But there’s no reason to think BC Hydro could achieve even higher environmental standards than the independents.

So the WC’s opposition isn’t environmental. It’s political.

The WC works closely with COPE 378, which would be a strange ally if the WC were an environmental group. A BC Hydro union, COPE 378 supports restoring the Burrard Thermal gas-fired plant to full capacity despite the plant’s serious environmental problems. When Burrard Thermal was running at full capacity, it was one of the region’s worst sources of greenhouse gases and other air pollution.

By no means a grassroots group, the WC has a $2.26-million budget. The WC spends part of that money to employ paid fundraisers, illustrating the adage that it takes money to make money.

Despite its political agenda, the Wilderness Committee is a registered charity.

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