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COPE 378 gets it
wrong, wrong, wrong

With some 10,000 to 12,000 members, COPE 378 figures prominently in the well-funded campaign against green energy. The union might also be putting up most of the money. COPE 378 represents some BC Hydro and Accenture workers, and is extremely bitter about the transfer of employees from BC Hydro to Accenture.

In a radio ad that played repeatedly last February, COPE 378 and one of its astroturf groups, Take Back the Power, stated the “factual” basis of their argument. Read the text of their ad below and click on the links for feedback.

“Your electricity bill is going up. Way up.

So why is the B.C. government jacking your rates
as much as $900 a year?

You might not like the answer.

The B.C. government is giving away billions of dollars
to private power companies...

at a huge cost to taxpayers and our environment.

And the B.C. government wants you and me to pay for it.
The B.C. government is keeping us in the dark.

To learn more go to publicpowerbc.ca.

A message from COPE 378 Take Back the Power.”


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