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media releases

B.C. Citizens for Green Energy
March 25, 2008

Opposition to run of river
ideological, not environmental

Vested interests call into question their real motivations

VANCOUVER, MARCH 25, 2008 — As an angry crowd at Pitt Meadows Secondary School denounced run-of-river projects tonight, B.C. Citizens for Green Energy questioned the motivations of some key campaign organizers. “The Wilderness Committee has previously expressed its support for run of river provided BC Hydro builds it,” said BCCGE spokesperson Bruce Sanderson. “Meanwhile COPE 378, a BC Hydro union, has campaigned for dirty energy with heavy greenhouse gas emissions. So I wonder how many people at tonight’s meeting knew where the campaign organizers stand.”

Tonight’s consultation was ostensibly about a transmission line proposal, but many protesters spoke out against run of river projects. “BCCGE doesn’t take a position on this specific proposal but we do support run-of-river energy in general, along with ocean, wind, geothermal and other forms of clean electricity,” Sanderson explained.

The Wilderness Committee’s stipulation makes no environmental sense, Sanderson pointed out. “They say they agree to run of river if BC Hydro builds it. But even if BC Hydro miraculously acquired the expertise to do so, there’s absolutely no reason to think it would adhere to even higher standards than those of the entrepreneurs. Nor would they have the flexibility to manage several relatively small and diverse projects. Nor could they risk taxpayers’ money on all those proposals that don’t pan out.”

“As for COPE 378, a BC Hydro union that’s possibly the most prominent group in the campaign, they have no environmental credentials,” Sanderson maintained. “Just last January, COPE 378 was campaigning to have the Burrard Thermal Generating Plant in Port Moody restored to full capacity. But when running at full capacity, this gas-fired electricity plant was one of the Lower Mainland’s worst sources of greenhouse gases and other forms of air pollution. Once again, the people behind the anti-run-of-river campaign show their objections aren’t environmental at all. I don’t think many of the angry people at tonight’s meeting realize that.”

“If the campaign organizers get their way with run of river, they’ll go after every other green proposal too, like wind, wave, tidal and geothermal,” Sanderson added.

Environmental concerns are always worth scrutiny, Sanderson emphasized. “But so much false information is repeated so often that many people believe it’s true. We keep hearing the same allegations about stolen rivers, American control, skyrocketing rates and environmental desecration. No wonder people are upset. So to de-bunk these myths, B.C. Citizens for Green Energy created our own website,www.greenenergybc.ca, with a page called Straight Answers to Reactionary Myths.”

“Those myths hide the real issues,” Sanderson continued. “We need more electricity for our growing population and clean electricity for the sake of our planet. B.C. has some of the world’s greatest potential for clean, sustainable electricity. Other countries have proven green energy works within stringent environmental standards. We can follow their example and create a wonderful legacy for future generations. Or we can maintain the status quo at the expense of our environment and our energy future.”

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