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media releases

B.C. Citizens for Green Energy
March 11, 2008

Newly formed citizens’ group supports independently produced clean electricity

One-sided debate compromises B.C.’s future,
says B.C. Citizens for Green Energy

VANCOUVER, MARCH 11, 2008 — Just as protesters were getting ready for today’s public rally at the B.C. Power Summit, an advocacy group called B.C. Citizens for Green Energy announced its public debut. BCCGE said it plans to counteract the negativism that has dominated public discussion of B.C.’s energy future.

“Overheated rhetoric has obscured a two-fold issue,” said BCCGE spokesperson Bruce Sanderson. “We need clean electricity for the sake of our planet and we need more electricity for our growing population. We can’t let a scare campaign cause us to shirk our duty to future generations.”

B.C. has tremendous potential for clean electricity, said Sanderson. “Other countries have proven green energy works within strict environmental standards. We can follow their example and realize our potential. We can even surpass them and provide the world with an enviable example of sustainable living. What a wonderful legacy this would be for future generations.”

But our potential is threatened by irresponsible allegations. “We realized this after some of us decided to look into it ourselves,” Sanderson said. “There are some real whoppers masquerading as facts. People are saying 500 rivers are being given away, this is environmental desecration, Americans will take over our resources and rates will shoot way up. But the more we investigated, the more we came to see the advantages of green energy, and of green energy supplied by independent producers.”

Public discussion, however, has been largely one-sided. “There seems to be a well-organized, well-funded campaign against green energy. They’ve had a near-monopoly on the subject. But B.C. Citizens for Green Energy now offers another point of view.”

The BCCGE Web site at www.greenenergybc.ca offers a “myth-busting” resource — a Web page that debunks the most common allegations about green energy in B.C. The Web page is called Straight Answers to Reactionary Myths.

Another page on the BCCGE Web site challenges the credibility of COPE 378, possibly the biggest sponsor of the anti-green campaign. The Web page is called COPE 378 Gets It Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.

The Web site also features information about the BCCGE perspective, different types of green energy, our province’s potential and the example of other countries. The Web site will be updated regularly with news of interest to anyone following B.C.’s energy issues.

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